Dried hemp

Dried hemp flowers for inhalation. Display a number of healthy properties – including anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antimicrobial.


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Product description

CBD dried hemp improves physical and mental well-being. It is excellent as an effective treatment for stress, depression, anxiety or neurosis. It lets you to calm down and relax, also improving concentration. CBD dried hemp is also a proven remedy for insomnia. Supports not only healthier and stronger sleep, but also better brain function. Dried hemp has anti-inflammatory, anti-stress, anti-allergic, anti-depressant and relaxing properties. Few people know that dried hemp CBD is a cure for migraines – quick to use and very effective.

Thanks to its healthy effects on the body, it is ideal for supporting the fight against diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis. CBD dried hemp can also be used successfully by people with epilepsy and as body support after strokes and brain damage.

CBD dried hemp also provides help for conditions such as diabetes, asthma, rheumatism, dementia, osteoporosis, and atherosclerosis and glaucoma. It’s worth keeping in mind that CBD dry hemp has no side effects. It’s one of the best solutions to support your health – great to use in place of some medications.

Inhaling dried hemp CBD is one of the easiest and most effective forms of taking it. It’s an enjoyable and relaxing activity. CBD dried hemp is exceptionally well suited for inhalation – this is how it is best absorbed in the body. Inhalation of CBD dried hemp has an almost immediate anti-stress, anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory and insomnia effect. Dried hemp is the most natural form of CBD.>

It has been confirmed that CBD dried hemp…

  • Has anti-cancerous effects – it aids the organism in preventing the spread of cancerous cells and supports their active elimination.
  • Acts anti-inflammatory and analgesic– CBD dry hemp removes inflammation and stops it from occurring, relieves pain (short and chronic), and supports the immune system.
  • Has a calming effect and resolves sleep problems – it calms you down, fights anxiety and distraction, supports the mind, helps with insomnia and irritability, and has anti-stress properties.
  • Displays antioxidant and anti-allergic properties – CBD dry hemp is extremely effective in preventing aging, has a very good effect on the skin (moisturizes and rejuvenates), accelerates wound healing and fights allergies.
  • Acts antibacterial and antifungal– eliminates many types of bacteria and inhibits the growth of fungi and mold



The dried plant contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids that are released with the vaporizer. For best results, it is advisable to go for specially prepared dried cbd for vaporization. The medicinal properties are obtained by inhaling the vapor. This method allows the active ingredients to enter the lungs very quickly, from where they go straight into the bloodstream. Thanks to this, the first effects are visible after just a few minutes. Dried hemp for vaporization can be used in any vaporizer. Smoking is not recommended.

Test results

All our products are laboratory tested. Analyses are carried out by independent laboratories with legally required authorizations and certificates. We order tests in order to get to know the profile of a given batch in the scope of:

  • The cannabinoid profile – in this case, we determine the sum of CBD and CBDA and the sum of THC and THCA. This way, you always know the exact amount of substances in the product you are using;
  • Heavy metal content – we want to make sure that your use of the oils does not cause you to be poisoned by adverse effects;
  • Microbiological safety – when using plant raw materials of the highest quality, we must ensure that safety standards are met throughout the production cycle. Microbiological tests allow us to exclude the greatest risks.

Effective and safe oils require ongoing research.


Hemp Oils FAQ
Is CBD dried hemp legal?
Yes, CBD products are fully legal in Poland, as they are made out of hemp (latin Cannabis Sativa), which is allowed to be farmed and sold. As the THC contents are always below 0,2%, using our dried hemp does not cause the side effect of intoxication or psychoactive effects. That’s why CBD dried hemp is perfectly safe for drivers, machine operators etc.
What is CBD dried hemp used for?
A lot of people wonder how to use dried hemp. A majority of our customers use cried CBD for vaporisation. It’s one of the forms of cannabinoid supplementation, especially effective because the CBDa acid contained in hemp flowers is converted into CBD during the process of decarboxylation, which occurs when the plant is heated up or burned. Using vaporisers – devices that heat up dried herbs instead of burning them completely – allows the user to reduce tarry substances, making the fumes smooth and gentle to the respiratory system.
How does dried hemp work?
Full Spectrum dried hemp provides the very same properties as our CBD oils, and just like them, it is entirely safe and free of side effects. Human organism tolerates CBD very well, which means that the risk of concerning symptoms is in practice very small. However, if a larger than recommended dose is applied and any unwanted reactions occur, it is always best to consult with a medical professional.
How is hemp different from marijuana?
What the two species have in common is that they originate from the same plant – Cannabis Sativa. Hemp contains a higher concentration of CBD and negligible amounts of psychoactive THC. This proportion is reversed in the case of marijuana, known for its intoxicating properties. That’s why choosing hemp-based products guarantees the benefits from cannabinoid supplementation, at the same time allowing you to avoid the unwanted intoxication.
How to store Full Spectrum CBD dried hemp?
The dried hemp will preserve its full properties if you store it in a cool place, out of direct sunlight. Make sure to store the product out of children’s reach.


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