CBD oil for pets

CBD oil is a natural, healthy and safe support for your pet. It will effectively reduce stress and eliminate bad habits in your pet. The oil has a number of healthy properties.


Why our products?

Calms, reduces stress and hyperactivity

Helps with inflammation and pain

Supports and strengthens immunity

Enhances vascular system and brain activity

Good to know

Product description

CBD oils are some of the most effective and popular natural remedies for animals today. They are excellent for supporting emotional calming and stress reduction in both cats and dogs. They also have a wide range of additional healthyproperties to keep your pet in top shape.

CBD oil works great as a supplement for dogs and cats. Its key benefits include…

Reducing stress and disorderly behavior

CBD oil calms pets down during moments that prove difficult for them. Above all, it reduces stress and hypersensitivity caused by intense bangs, blasts and flashes – such as during New Year’s Eve or violent storms.

For many animals, urban noise is also a problem – horns, loud motorcycle engines, and the whirr of garbage trucks, delivery trucks, or buses. CBD oil helps reduce your pet’s anxiety caused by these types of noises. It minimizes perceived fear and brings more emotional peace into our pet’s life.

CBD oil helps to effectively influence your pet’s temperament – calming aggression towards other males (or females), minimizing hyperactivity, and reducing disobedience and the need for independence.

In cats, the oil aids in calming down during the rut season. It reduces agitation, effectively prevents nocturnal running to the window, loud meowing throughout the night, reduces troubles with sleeping and increased aggression.

In dogs, it eliminates the negative effects of the heat – emotional disorder, disobedience, irritability and lack of response to commands.

CBD oil also prevents dogs from barking at windows and doors and reacting nervously to any sound from outside. Reduces separation anxiety for dogs and cats (pet can be left alone) without the risk of biting or scratching walls and furniture or soiling slippers or carpet.

CBD oil also enhances obedience and proper responses to commands during walks.

Natural, completely safe and healthy ingredients

Calming emotions and reducing stress in your pet is the simplest and most effective recipe for a longer and healthier life. Fewer powerful negative stimuli translates directly into better heart function, supports proper sleep and internal organ function.

Additionally, CBD oil supports your pet in passing through inflammation and pain more quickly and reliably. It naturally boosts immunity and thus reduces the danger of future infections.

The active substances contained in the oil not only improve the functioning of the circulation (better heart function), but also support the brain and the proper functioning of major organs.

CBD oil is a natural product, so it is completely safe for your pet. It does not affect the stomach, kidneys or intestines – it does not cause indigestion or diarrhea.

CBD oil from the PET CARE range:

  • calms down, reduces stress and hypersensitivity to bangs (New Year’s Eve night), flashes (violent storms) and strong wind gusts,
  • reduces aggression to other dogs/cats and minimizes hyperactivity on heat,
  • calms the dog in the house (barking at the window and door), reduces separation anxiety for dogs and cats (the pet can be left alone) and promotes proper sleep,
  • strengthens the dog’s obedience and correct reactions to commands,
  • supports in cases of inflammation and pain and naturally boosts immunity,
  • improves circulatory function, supports the brain and heart,
  • safe for the heart, stomach, kidneys or intestines – does not cause indigestion and diarrhea.

Administer directly from the pipette or as a feed additive.

Administer 1 drop per 1kg body weight per day.

Store in a dry and dark place. After opening, store additionally in a cool place.

Test results

All our products are laboratory tested. Analyses are carried out by independent laboratories with legally required authorizations and certificates. We order tests in order to get to know the profile of a given batch in the scope of:

  • The cannabinoid profile – in this case, we determine the sum of CBD and CBDA and the sum of THC and THCA. This way, you always know the exact amount of substances in the product you are using;
  • Heavy metal content – we want to make sure that your use of the oils does not cause you to be poisoned by adverse effects;
  • Microbiological safety – when using plant raw materials of the highest quality, we must ensure that safety standards are met throughout the production cycle. Microbiological tests allow us to exclude the greatest risks.

Effective and safe oils require ongoing research.


FAQ - Pet products
Can giving my dog CBD oil cause any side effects?
Oils for pets have their concentration appropriately adjusted to pet organisms, are well ingested and very rarely cause any side effects. Our hemp products do not contain the Psychoactive THC, which means that they do not intoxicate. Additionally, every batch of our oils is tested both by our internal, as well as independent external laboratories. We place high emphasis on the purity of our formulas and high quality of each oil – thus the risk of side effects after using our CBD products is as low in the case of pet as it is in the case of humans.
What should I use CBD pet oil for?
Supplementing CBD oil to our pets will prove effective in various situations, especially those that may stress out beloved companions. A visit to the vet, New Year’s celebrations, a long car or train trip, a walk with an unknown dog, a large group of new people visiting, or going for a visit to a new place… There are many causes for stress when you’re a dog – it’s handy to have a proven, effective and safe way to handle it at your hand’s reach.
What CBD concentration will be best for my pet?
CBD concentration is generally adjusted according to the pet’s body mass. For pets weighing up to 5kg we recommend 3% PET CARE oil; for pets weighing between 5-10kg – PET CARE 6%; and for pets weighing over 20kg – PET CARE 9%. However, just as in the case of humans, the concentration adjustment is a highly individual matter. Therefore we recommend to always start from the lowest concentration and then, if there are no noticeable changes in behavior, gradually increase it until the desired effect is achieved.
How do I give CBD oil to my pet?

Thanks to a comfortable pipette in the bottle’s cap you can deliver the fluid directly into your pet’s mouth, or instill it into food. All PET CARE oils are based on salmon oil, well liked by most pets. This way, from the very first application, your pet will accept the oil happily, without the need to think of complicated methods of forcing it in or hiding it inside food, as we are often forced to do in the case of medicine.

How to store Full Spectrum CBD oils?
The oil will preserve its full properties if you store it in room temperature, out of direct sunlight. The product is best used before approximately 1 year. However, after first opening the packaging, it is best to use the product up within no more than 60 days. Make sure to store the product out of children’s reach.


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