Oil 18% CBD+CBDA 30ml

  • helps with regulating sleep
  • supports natural body regeneration in athletes
  • has the full spectrum of cannabinoids
  • does not intoxicate
  • is fully legal
  • tested by independent laboratories
  • rapid delivery
  • lasts for 90 days


Why our products?


wealth of cannabinoids naturally found in hemp


relaxing aroma compounds


Omega-3 and Omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids


well-researched cannabinoid profile

Good to know

Product description

Good sleep and recovery. Hemp oil 18% CBD is an insomnia supplement that helps the body fight insomnia naturally. This is possible due to the supplementation of cannabinoids that are essential for the body. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect that supports the body’s recovery. Cannabidiol (CBD) will benefit your sleep if you have nerves-based sleep problems.

18% CBD+CBDA hemp oil is a product for people who want to better overcome insomnia and regain their strength. We especially recommend its supplementation when you often can’t fall asleep and thus lose the energy necessary for normal functioning. The high cannabidiol content is helpful in reducing accumulated stress in the head and body. A smile will return to your face as you feel your muscles relax and your mind clear.

Our oils are made from the love of hemp – a plant that is a source of food, clothing, or medicine. We want each of us to be able to realize ourselves while remaining balanced and healthy. We believe that hemp oils can help you achieve this goal by taking care of the harmonized functioning of your body.

Full Spectrum is hemp oils made by cold pressing hemp and hemp seeds. The distinctive aroma, color and flavor all come from the natural plant origin. The lack of filtration, carrying out all processes at low temperatures and attention to detail at all stages of the process, guarantee the highest and unique quality of our products.


Test results


Sprawne i bezproblemowe zakupy. Przesyłka szybko dotarła, dobrze opakowana. Polecam sklep.

Produkty bardzo dobrej jakości. Super obsługa. Szybko odpisują. Dodatkowo, pozytywnie zaskoczył mnie jeden olejek w gratisie! Polecam.

I would recommend it to anyone looking for the highest quality products. We have been using for a month and the improvement in our well-being has definitely exceeded our expectations 💪 Great products!!


Hemp Oils FAQ
What can CBD oils help with?
CBD products are becoming more and more popular. It’s happening due to their natural properties that support our health, immune system, regeneration, mood and many more significant aspects. CBD oils are often the first choice for people who want to try out the benefits of cannabidiol for themselves. FULL SPECTRUM’s convenient CBD oil packaging ensures precise dosage and easy, discreet intake. Regular use of our CBD oils supports focus and a sense of calm, stress management, better sleep, recovery from illness and recovery from physical activity.
How are Full Spectrum CBD oils made?
Olej konopny uzyskiwany jest w procesie uwzględniającym szereg działań. We begin with natural, ecological, precisely selected hemp, tested in our laboratory. We obtain the pure oil with the best currently available extraction method of supercritical CO2. The end product obtained in this manner contains no impurities or harmful chemical compounds, and the THC concentration does not exceed legally allowed norms. Within the “Test results” section, you can see the full documentation for every product we offer at our store. This allows you to know the precise chemical composition of the product you order.
How to use Full Spectrum CBD oils?
Apply the oil under your tongue, and wait 1-2 minutes before swallowing. Its taste is neutral and accepted by a large majority of its users. You can also dissolve the oil in a drink or food.
How to store Full Spectrum CBD oils?
The oil will preserve its full properties if you store it in room temperature, out of direct sunlight. The product is best used before approximately 1 year. However, after first opening the packaging, it is best to use the product up within no more than 60 days. Make sure to store the product out of children’s reach.
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